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CLEARANCE: Textured Black Teardrop Shift Knob M10x1.5
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CLEARANCE: Textured Black Teardrop Shift Knob M10x1.5

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Racebred Components Stainless Steel Teardrop Shift Knob was designed to give the driver an improved balance and distance between the wheel and shifter. 3D CAD designed, the teardrop shape was specifically chosen for exceptional hand ergonomics and is manufactured from Stainless Steel for its weighted characteristics. Threads were machined lower into the knob to give the feel of an extended or taller shifter and to give the driver a closer to wheel feel. A machined step down on the top ball was added to give additional grip and texture to the knob as a non-slip feature.


  • 3D CAD Designed
  • CNC Machined
  • Stainless Steel
  • 385g/.84lbs
  • 41.2mm Diameter
  • Extended shifter feel
  • Machined step down for grip and easy hand positioning
  • M10x1.5

DISCLAIMER: Clearance Textured Black Teardrop Shiftknob M10x1.5 contains a hairline scratch as seen in photo. ALL CLEARANCE ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS. NO EXCEPTIONS.