Racebred Components GT Wing Louver Endplates
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Racebred Components GT Wing Louver Endplates


Racebred Components has worked closely with KazeSpec Engineering to give weekend warriors and dedicated racers unrivaled performance. These unique endplates were designed and developed to provide an increase in downforce, while keeping drag at a minimum. By utilizing both a rear cut out and louvers, we are able to strengthen the underwing vortex, while reducing the wingtip vortices that create induced drag. The louvers were put in place to reduce local downforce, but overall create a much more efficient wing. The rear cut out allows low pressure under the wing to mix with ambient pressure outside of the endplate, which increases the velocity of the airflow under the wing (fast air = lower pressure). The rear cut out also creates a counter-rotating vortex which weakens the wingtip vortex. Utilizing a kick out at the rear of the endplate, we are able to maximize outwash, which allows an expanded area of the low pressure side of the wing.


  • 3D CAD Designed
  • Precision Laser Cut
  • .09" 5052 Aluminum
  • Powder Coated Textured Black
  • 12"x12"


  • Increased Downforce
  • Rear Cut Out & Louvers for Reduced Drag
  • Rear Kick Out for Maximum Outwash
  • NASA TT Legal