Quick Release Splitter Brackets - FD RX7 V2
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Quick Release Splitter Brackets - FD RX7 V2

SKU: RC2-4008


The Racebred Components FD RX7 V2 Quick Release Splitter Brackets were designed for high downforce conditions. Specially developed for RX7's running large splitters, splitter diffusers, and additional aero components, these brackets provide a stiffer and stronger mounting platform for demanding environments. 

Our V2 design increases the bracket footprint and adds additional frontal support. With FEA (Finite Element Analysis) our team was able to improve the overall bracket design to yield a stiffer and stronger support for increased track speeds. RX7's running aftermarket bumpers will highly benefit in our V2 design due to the bumpers extended lower chin.


  • Designed for¬†High Downforce and Splitter Diffuser use
  • 3D CAD Designed
  • Precision Laser Cut
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation - No Drilling Required!
  • Full 4340 Steel¬†Construction
  • 2in of Height Adjustment to accommodate¬†various bumper/lips
  • Metric Zinc Coated Hardware
  • Quick Release Pin for easy install/removal & safety
  • Signature Textured Gunmetal/Black Powdercoat
  • Fits 1992-2002¬†Mazda¬†RX7

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*Please note that bumper/lip trimming and bracket hole modification may be required, dependent on bumper/lip height and design.

DISCLAIMER: Subject to bumper design, splitter size and material, additional bracing with cables or rods may be required and is left to users discretion.