250RS GT-Wing Kit - S2000
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250RS GT-Wing Kit - S2000

SKU: RC2-6007


Our S2000 GT-Wing Kit was designed in conjunction with our Front Splitter Kit to increase rear downforce and overall balance utilizing 3D scanning, CFD analysis, and real world testing.

Packaged with a 68" wing span, this S2000 GT-Wing Kit is optimized to the vehicle's body width and mounted utilizing top trunk mounts, backing plates, and rear mounts for lateral and longitudinal stiffness. 3D scanning assisted in our design process to produce trunk brackets that are perfectly formed to the trunks curvature to guarantee a warp free mounting surface. All brackets are powder coated Textured Black for durability and mounted with Class 10 Black Zinc Hardware for strength.


  • 17.5:1 Lift/Drag Ratio
  • 1727mm Width / 68" (Custom Widths Available - Contact Us)
  • Complete Bolt-On Design
  • 19 Adjustment Angles (1°-19°)
Production Process:
  • 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminum Airfoil
  • 6061-T6 Billet CNC Machined Aluminum Airfoil Brackets
  • 6061-T6 Laser Cut Wing Uprights
  • 6061-T6 Laser Cut Endplates
  • 4340 Steel Laser Cut and CNC Formed Trunk Brackets & Backing Plates
  • Delrin CNC Machined Trunk Stops
  • Powder Coated Textured Black
What's Included:
  • 250RS GT-Wing Airfoil
  • Airfoil Brackets
  • Endplates
  • Wing Uprights
  • Trunk Brackets and Backing Plates
  • Delrin Trunk Stops
  • Class 10 Hardware
  • Step by Step Installation Guide w/ Photos
NOTE: All 250RS Aluminum GT-Wing Airfoils are hand built and made to order. Wings are manufactured for race use and may show cosmetic imperfections due to a number of manufacturing processes involved. Standard turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks for raw wings and 4-6 weeks for powder coated wings. Additional shipping charges will apply when purchased with an S2000 Splitter Kit - our staff will contact you after the order has been placed.